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Made for LOWREZJAM 2021.

Theme: Minibeasts.

Itsy Bitsy Cuffs is a frantic lightweight fighting game about tiny critters having a tiny fight. Duke it out with up to four critters, and call in powerful supporting strikes from your human companions!

Features free-for-all matches and a short solo "arcade" mode, including a boss fight.

Play as the mighty warriors ANT, SPIDER, MANTIS, STAG... and more???

AI is included, however multiplayer is highly recommended.


Gamepad: Left Stick / D-Pad
Keyboard 1: WASD
Keyboard 2: Arrow Keys

Primary Attack
Gamepad: A (South Button) / Y (North Button)
Keyboard 1: Spacebar / J / Q
Keyboard 2: Numpad 0 / Z / Enter

Secondary Attack
Gamepad: B (East Button) / X (West Button)
Keyboard 1: E / K
Keyboard 2: Numpad Enter / X

Human Attack
Gamepad: Select
Keyboard 1: R / U
Keyboard 2: Numpad + / C

Characters (warning - spoilers below)

Primary: Rock Toss. You can move while throwing rocks and keep throwing in the same direction. 
Secondary: Rock Block. You can attack in melee with your rock, or hold it in to guard against attacks in front of you.

Primary: Web Sling. Low damage but stuns for an extended period of time.
Secondary: Bite. An unwieldy but strong attack. Takes time to use, but you can move before and after attacking.

Primary: Supersonic Slice. A simple and reliable projectile.
Secondary: Double Slice. Step into a rapid melee attack.

Primary: Stomp. Fly over enemy attacks, then crash back down with a powerful melee attack.
Secondary: Charging Toss. Rush forwards and throw enemies over your back. During your initial dash you're immune to projectiles. 

Fire Ant (Secret)
Primary: Fireball. A simple but strong projectile.
Secondary: Burn Up. Set yourself ablaze as long as you hold the button. Deals continuous damage in melee, and protects against melee attacks.

Figure 1 (Super Secret)
Primary: Dash Blitz. Rushes forwards into a quick melee attack.
Secondary: Homerun Swing. Step into a melee attack. Can reflect projectiles if timed well, and grants brief projectile immunity.

Human Assists

Flyswatter: A powerful attack that takes a long time to recharge. Deals heavy damage on your position, but it can hurt you too!

Slap: A sweeping attack that deals average damage but stuns effectively. Average recharge time.

Poke: A quick jab attack that recharges quickly. Deals little damage, but if it connects with you, it cancels your current action and frees you from combos.

Music generated through Abundant Music, sound effects generated through BFXR.

AuthorX-Joy Games
GenreFighting, Action
Tags2D, Local multiplayer, Retro, Top-Down, Unity
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


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